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The First Topic: Friends-Cut

We've all seen this, that is if you've spent much time on LiveJournal:
ljattenwhore: Like! OMG! FREINDS-CUT!!!
johnny_q_public: Oh NOES!!! Please PLEASE don't cut me!!! I LOVE YOU!
ljattenwhore: done, you stay.
jilldilldo_duh: Please keep me, I'll love you forever and ever and evers, and I always read your entries and make lots and lots of comments.
. . . etc . . . etc . . . etc . . .
(** Disclaimer: These LJ names were made up to produce this example. At the time of writing this entry, none of these usernames were in use.)

Make no mistake… This “friends-cut” is purely a jr. high tactic for gaining attention. Realistically, why would anyone need to make a huge announcement about cutting-off his or her alleged friends? There is only one motive that can be had here, and that is one of calling attention to one’s self.

I’ve seen this numerous times in my three years (or so) of using LiveJournal. It generally just irks me. What is happening here is that a condition is being placed on the relationship, if it can even be called such a thing. Any conditional relationship equates to nothing more than asking for drama.

Here is the question to pose: If you have a person on your friends list that isn’t really a friend, why the hell did you add them in the first place? I think more often than not, the answer is simply that you like the attention, and you also like the attention you get when you place the condition by issuing a friends-cut.

A friends-cut really is an ultimatum of sorts (the condition): “If you want to be my friend, you better make one damn good-ass comment that makes me feel special.” If you are associating with these types of people, it is your number-one source of LJ drama to be had. If you are constantly seeing these friends-cut posts on your friends-page, than maybe you ought to do yourself a favor and cut that friend so as to avoid this ridiculous nonsense.

This friends-cut issue really is apart of a much larger problem that we will talk about another time: People placing their personal/social securities into LJ. Another subject for a future date…


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